Recordion-a haptic sequencer with arduino uno


Recordion is a record player based, haptic sequencer. Using an Arduino Uno, ultrasonic sensor, Lego bricks and Korg Volca Beats Midi signals can be generated by passing the bricks with a different size through the sensor area. The midi signals were used to trigger drum sounds on a groovebox. The easy handling enables even children to play with.

Recordion from staubkorn on Vimeo.

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Elektro Moskva: A Documentary About the Soviet Electronic Age and its Legacy!

The Synthesizer Book

This documentary had me at this quote…

“On a western device, you push a button and get a result. On a Soviet instrument, you push a button and get something.” Benzo

I’m looking forward to seeing this somewhere soon.

SYNOPSIS From ELEKTRO MOSKVA (Electro Moscow) is an essayistic documentary about the Soviet electronic age and its legacy. The story begins with the inventor of the world’s first electronic instrument, Leon Theremin, unveiling the KGB’s huge pile of fascinating devices, some of which were musical. They all came into existence as a by-product of a rampant defense industry. Nowadays, those aged and abandoned ‘musical coffins’, as solidly made as a Kalashnikov, are being recycled and reinterpreted by the post-Soviet generations of musicians, sound collectors and circuit benders. The story of the Soviet synthesizers as an allegory to the everyday life under the Soviet system: nothing works, but you have to make…

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