Composing a melodic track by controlled randomization

This small meditative track was recorded by randomization of various elements and the extensive use of the modified reaktor plugin  MIDI scale mapper v2.0 by ljekio ulmar. This plugin can be compared to the schwarzonator tool  which is a more complex scale mapper. Briefly, the randomized bell sounds were generated using the SPIRAL sequencer from Native Instruments and the outgoing midi signals were passed through the modified MDI scale mapper v2.0. Thereby, a randomized chord was generated which fits quite well to the tonal scale of the session. The pad sounds were generated manually using again the MIDI scale mapper in the „random mode“. The drum sounds came from „Limelite“ (Native Instruments) which were arranged by randomization of small audio clips in Ableton Live. In summary, only the selection of sounds were made by hand.

Screenshot of the modified MIDI scale mapper

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