Waldorf Blofeld Resources

I have collected some links about the little synth Waldorf Blofeld (i use the desktop version) which i have or will be found very useful. That means, i don’t have checked up all the things but from time to time i will come back to these links to update the blofeld and to update this post with some more information.

http://synth.stromeko.net/Downloads.html which contains “Factory and User Soundsets and Singles for Waldorf Blofeld, Q, Q+, microQ and rackAttack”

http://blofeld.modulatethis.com/ contains some useful information how to use the Blofeld in a Ableton Live setup. The site offers some more resources, e.g. an Ableton Live Pack “SOUNDS FROM DISTANT OUTPOST”.

http://www.synthlearn.com/waldorf-blofeld.html contains a lot of general information and videos about the Blofeld.

And here are some mp3 links about the sound of the Blofeld which i think are very impressive:

Trance/Electro: http://www.soundware.co.uk/news/wp-content/uploads/Blofeld%20Audio%20Demo%20Rob%20Lee%20Genres.mp3

If there are some more useful things about Waldorf’s Blofeld feel free to add some comments.

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