music web toys

GRAPH THEORY: Find your way through 61 short music fragments and explore a composition for solo violin:


OTOMATA: Plugged string sound in a matrix. The web application contains a download option which promotes the import of your composition into your favorite daw as a wav-File:  Otomata is a generative sequencer. It employs a cellular automaton and sounds great! ToneMatrix on is a rather simple sequencer but worth to check it out.


EUCLIDEAN SEQUENCER: It’s just not a web toy, but it is funny too. An explaination  can be found here. The sequencer was programmed by Wouter Hisschemöller :


A large collection of music toys can be found on the page of Andre Michelle with interesting concepts of sequencers. My favorite is “Pulsate”: Place at least 2 circles on the desk and they will grow until they collide. Depending on the dimension of the circles they generate a tonal sound during the collision. A similar app is available on . Indeed an awesome generative music generator.


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